Enjoying Hakuba Komichi

The Hakuba Komichi is a road which joins beautiful locations within the village. The road divides the village into five courses, each of about 10 km, and which include unpaved sections. There are many ways to enjoy the Hakuba Komichi as you ride, savouring the fresh breeze and calm scenery, including stopping occasionally between the rice fields to do some landscape painting, or photography. Otherwise you can just follow the signposts and take in the nature you encounter along the way.

The Course of Hakuba Komichi

  • Sanosaka Course

    As well as being able to see the seasonal flowers and headwaters of a class A river at the Himekawa Headwaters Nature Exploration Park, one is able to get a feel for the seasons riding past the vast rice fields. You will also pass Hakuba Roadside Station with its range of local souvenirs.

    • Road Condition: Road 88% / Off-road 2% / Walking 10%, Gradient: Almost flat
    Course Map(PDF)
  • Goryu Course

    Setting out from the Hakuba Goryu Tourism Association, which rents out bicycles, the Himekawa Cycling Road passes through the Goryu guesthouse and pension area. Along the way, you will also find Juro-no Yu hot spring, where you can soothe your tiredness, and the Hakuba Goryu Alpine Plant Garden, where one can see rare alpine plants in summer.

    • Road Condition: Road 97% / Off-road 3%, Gradient: Moderate sections
    Course Map(PDF)
  • Happo Course

    This course passes through the Wadano area where one can enjoy a peaceful stroll through the woods, the Hakuba Ski Jump Stadium, which served as the stage for the Nagano Olympics, and the many cafes restaurants and bars of the Echoland area. Including an art gallery and various points of interest, this course has an abundance of places to drop in along the way. Why not relieve your tired body at the Happo-no Yu hot spring, located near the start of the course at the Happo Information Centre?

    • Road Condition: Road 80% / Off-road 20%, Gradient: Moderately hilly
    Course Map(PDF)
  • Hakuba Station Course

    From the transport hub of Hakuba station, this course takes you along the lightly trafficked roads beside the Hime and Matsu Rivers, allowing a relaxed pace as you pass the Hakuba Green Sports Park which has playground equipment the whole family can enjoy. The course also passes through an area of outdoor equipment shops as well as a superb viewpoint for the Hakuba Bridge.

    • Road Condition: Road 100%, Gradient: Mild
    Course Map(PDF)
  • Iwatake Course

    This course starts from Iwatake with its MTB course, and passes through a variety of scenic spots in Hakuba including the Hakuba and Matsukawa Bridges, Oide Park and Hakuba Village. Along the way you will get a sense of the local history from the guest house area in Nitta, and the Kannonbara stone buddhist statues.

    • Road Condition: Road 87% / Off-road 13%, Gradient: Mild
    Course Map(PDF)