Hakuba station course to relax and enjoy the countryside


Hakuba station course to relax and enjoy the countryside

Course to enjoy around the afternoon by bicycle leisurely after arriving at Hakuba station by train or bus. A course that you can experience beautiful scenery, cold water, and clean air.

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  •  12:00 pm

    Hakuba arrives! Gather information, eat lunch, and then, start to cycling!

    Arrived in Hakuba around noon! Tourist information is available at "Northern-Alps information desk" "Hakuba Sanroku Tours". Let's ride around the "Hakuba station course". Leave your luggage in the coin locker, borrow rental cycle, and depart!

  •  1:00 pm

    Rental cycle

    There are about 10 rental cycle shops in Hakuba, City cycle, Mountain bike and Electric bicycle etc. are preparing. Mountain bikes are not limited to places where they ride, such as in a gravel road or a forest. Electric bicycles can easily climb uphill.

  •  1:30 pm

    Kobus Magnolias of Shijukuin · Hakuba Green Sports Park

    Kobus Magnolias of Shijukuin is a place where white flowers bloom in late April, popular place for photographers and those who do sketches. Hakuba Green Sports Park is an outdoor recreation square. Hakuba's national material museum is on site. Why do not you stop by on your way?

  •  2:30 pm

    Break at the cafe

    There are sweets shops and cafes in Happo area and Echoland which is a little out of the course. Let's go if you get tired!

  •  12:30 pm

    Hakuba bridge

    One of the scenic spots of Hakuba. A place where Hakuba-sazan(Mt.shiroumadake, Mt.Shakushidake, Mt.Hakubayarigatake) looks directly in front and harmony with the river's clear stream is wonderful. From the Matsukawa River Park on the south side, you can enjoy majestic views and let's touch the cold river water even in the summer.

  •  3:30 pm


    There are three foot-baths on the course. These hot springs are renowned for their strong alkaline waters which leave the skin soft and smooth. The time of foot-bath also has a lively conversation, it will heal your feet and heart.

  •  4:00 pm

    Hakuba station

    There are many outdoor shops near Hakuba station so it is good for shopping. Do not forget to return bicycle rental!

The next day is … Let's enjoy Hakuba!