Enjoy Sight-Seeing 50km Course


Enjoy Sight-Seeing 50km Course

"This course lets riders enjoy the ever changing scenery of a mountain track. Riding through the rape flower and buckwheat blossoms which bloom all over the Nakayama plateau, past Lake Nishina-sanko, vast rice fields, and the powerful Mt Shiroumasan and more, one cannot become bored."

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  •  9:00 am

    Happo Information Center

    There are nearby free parking, convenience store, cafe, information office, hot spring, foot-bath, toilet, outdoor shop, etc. Happo Information Center which is convenient for anything is the starting point. Because it is also a cycle station, you can use floor pumps and tools free. Let's check your bicycle before riding!

  •  9:15 am

    Olympic road

    Prefectural Route 31.33, made for the 1998 Nagano Olympic Games, also known as the "Olympic Road". You can see the mountains of the North Alps. It is easy to ride, but be careful in some sections for heavy trucks to run. Let's advance the old road from before the Miasa tunnel.

  •  9:45 am


    An altitude difference of about 260 m from Pokapoka-land to Miasa office, climb of average gradient 6.6% is the highest climbing slope of this course. Satoyama and the landscape of the countryside heal mind on the way. The thing to watch out for is to turn right at Pokapoka-land (not the Aogu signal) and cross the Misa office and turn right towards Shingyo.

  •  11:00 am

    Nakayama plateau

    "Nakayama plateau" worth going even a little off the course. The hills of the plateau are covered on one side with rape flowers or soba flowers depending on the season. Lunch is recommended for "farm cafe rabbit" that you can eat game food using Miasa's wild meat.

  •  12:30 pm

    Lake Kisaki

    On the lake side roads, there are sections that pass near the lake surface and between the trees, you can feel comfortable. Route 148 between Lake Kizaki and Lake Nakatsuna requires a lot of traffic, so be careful. Although it does not pass through the course, the place where Mt. Kogumayama can overlook the lake is famous for cyclists.

  •  1:00 pm

    Sanosaka Countryside

    After passing Lake Kizaki, Lake Nakatsuna, Lake Aoki, when returning to Hakuba Village the countryscape appears. In the spring, the scenery reflected on the surface of the water, green rice plant in the summer, the golden waves of grain in the autumn welcomes you. Let's turn on the light as the tunnel past the lake is dark.

  •  1:30 pm

    Break at the cafe or restaurants

    There are many cafes and restaurants in Hakuba. Let's eat in front of the goal when you return without eating lunch. At the cycle station, the cycle stand is equipped so you can stop the bicycle at ease. After 14:00, it is necessary to check it because there are stores where lunch time is over.

  •  2:00 pm

    Arrival Happo and Hot springs

    After about 50 km course, let's heal tired body at Hakuba's hot spring. You can refresh with 5 types of hot springs in Hakuba. The nearest is "Happo-no-Yu". There is also footbath. After arrival, it is interesting to visit museums and walk around the city. Happo Information Center will also introduce accommodation.


50km Course that lets you enjoy the changing scenery

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